Stone House Pottery & Gallery
418 Spring Street, Hwy 20, Galena, Illinois 61036
Thurs-Mon 10-5, Tue & Wed by appointment

Experience two evenings merging art with food.

The first evening, decorate your own three-piece dinnerware set. The next night, relax and enjoy dinner on your new dishes prepared by one of Galena’s best eateries, in a one-of-a-kind historic setting.

Reservations required.
Small groups welcome.

Overnight lodging available next door at Abe's Spring Street Guest House.

Since taking his first pottery class at U.C.L.A. in 1960, Charles has devoted his time and talent to creating some of Galena’s most beautiful and unique artistic pieces. One-of-a-kind bronze sculptures, functional and decorative pottery and clay tiles are just a few of the passions that are formed by the hands of the artists.
  • Charles has a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA in painting and drawing and a M.A. degree in ceramics from the University of Iowa.
“To work within the seemingly confined sphere of the human form has revealed to me a much more complex world than I had ever imagined. The satisfying tensional vectors, logical propositions, all within the emotive context of human imagery unveils infinite possibilities.” -Charles Fach
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