Stone House Pottery & Gallery
418 Spring Street, Hwy 20, Galena, Illinois 61036
Thurs-Mon 10-5, Tue & Wed by appointment

Experience two evenings merging art with food.

The first evening, decorate your own three-piece dinnerware set. The next night, relax and enjoy dinner on your new dishes prepared by one of Galena’s best eateries, in a one-of-a-kind historic setting.

Reservations required.
Small groups welcome.

Overnight lodging available next door at Abe's Spring Street Guest House.

Water Lily
Canine Breeds
Hops, Barley & Beer Barrels

All original tile designs are sculpted in wax on top of 1/2 inch plywood. A plaster mould is made of the original, then a casting plastic is cast into this first mould, allowed to set up and cure and removed from the mould. This gives us a plastic tile exactly like the original and it is used as the master pattern. All production moulds are then made from the master pattern. Clay is pressed into the production mould and left to dry. The plaster absorbs moisture from the tile and in so doing releases the clay from the plaster mould. Once dry the tile is glazed and fired to maturity.

Stone House Pottery tiles are available for purchase in the gallery or by special order. Please contact the gallery for availability.

Find great shopping opportunities with our gallery sales room where all items and art have been hand crafted and are original.
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